Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

Elk? Sheep? Goat?

That’s what my family was wondering when the elk farm near my house suddenly switched gears and housed this animal instead.

It took a bit of digging in the Googles, but I finally discovered what animal it was… a Barbados Blackbelly Sheep! I’d never heard of this animal before. Looked more like a goat, but I guess it was really a sheep.

Not long after, I started writing a manuscript about goats! The working title is Kids on Strike.

I also have a story about elk (kind of…)! It’s called The Royal Reindeer. But no sheep stories. However, my critique group is called… The Sheep Shelf!

Three Facts About Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

  1. In the wild, Barbados Blackbelly Sheep eat fresh (or dried) leaves from trees and plants, weeds, and Yaupon, a type of brush.
  2. It’s a type of “hair sheep” that doesn’t produce wool. No fluff for these fellas!
  3. There’s also an American Blackbelly Sheep (with horns!) and the only way to tell the ewes apart is to wait until they get older and see if they grow horns!

Tennessee Fainting Goats

Ever heard of the Tennessee Fainting Goat? It’s seriously a thing! Check out this funny video on YouTube…

4 thoughts on “Barbados Blackbelly Sheep”

  1. Thanks,fir shearing….lol ….to funny
    I just received 3 Bags of freshly sheared Texas Sheeps Fleece……to wash,spin and Knit purposes

  2. We own some of these sheep. They are the sweetest kindest animals ever. They like to come for a ride in my golf cart and they are very vocal.

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