The Queen and the First Christmas Tree by Nancy Churnin

Queen Charlotte's Gift to England

This is a true story about a kind queen and how she helped make a tree a symbol of Christmas. Her gift to England made the Christmas tree a cherished part of the holiday season.

I love how the book opens, “Charlotte wasn’t like other princesses.”

Queen Charlotte's Gift to England

This story gives a glimpse into Queen Charlotte’s life as well as the history of the Christmas tree. Queen Charlotte was compassionate, loved children and nature, and wanted to make a statement at the turn of the century way back in 1800.

She had 15 children of her own and decided to throw a party for 100 children that year. Her little yew branch wasn’t quite grand enough to ring in the new year, but the children were going to be arriving soon. So Charlotte went outside to think.

“She gazed at the snow in the trees glistening in the lantern light. Suddenly she had an idea.”

And the rest is history! 

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