Dear Santa by Susanna Leonard Hill

Dear Santa book by Susanna Leonard Hill

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Parker knows he is definitely not perfect. I mean, everyone makes mistakes. And it’s tough being a kid! So why are all of his friends telling Santa how perfect they are? Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good… Nope. It’s best to be honest. Right?

This season, add a new classic to your holiday collection with this enchanting story about a little boy who writes an honest letter to Santa and learns that there’s more to Christmas than being being on the naughty or nice list.

Dear Santa book by Susanna Leonard Hill

I love how this book gets to the heart of what many children probably wonder… “If I tell Santa about all the mistakes and bad things I did this year, will he still give me a present?” Parker tells Santa the truth – even if it means not getting any presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

If you or your child have ever dealt with having to eat yucky vegetables, being required to brush your teeth every single night, or getting in trouble if you stay up too late past your bedtime, then you’ll definitely be able to relate to Parker’s predicament.

I love the gifts Parker still asks for anyway “in case you think it’s still okay to bring me something.” A bike, a sled, new books, and a solar system.

What will YOU ask Santa to bring you for Christmas?

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  1. Squirrel’s Sweater by Laura Renauld
  2. Dear Santa by Susanna Leonard Hill
  3. The Queen and the First Christmas Tree by Nancy Churnin
  4. Goodnight, Manger by Laura Sassi

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