My Dandelion Wish Journal

This 5-year journal is the perfect place to record all your dandelion wishes and dreams each spring. You’ll also find a few lists of things to do. Check them off as you read poems, attend festivals, and taste the wildflowers.


My Dandelion Activity Book

This fun activity book for kids is all about the mighty dandelion. It is filled with coloring pages, mazes, dot-to-dots, word searches, unscrambles, and more. Ideal for ages 7-11.


Recipes for a Dandelion Party:
How to Throw a Dandy Springtime Party

Recipes for a Dandelion Party

Is the dandelion a flower, an herb, or a weed? The great debate continues! In a few short chapters, you’ll learn all about the different ways you can make dandelions a part of your life.

You’ll discover:

  • The history and anatomy of a dandelion.
  • Games you can play with dandelions.
  • Three fun dandelion costumes.
  • Poems about dandelions.
  • Dandelion recipes.
  • How to host your own dandelion party.

Picture Book Manuscripts Available to Editors

Postcards From Alaska

After receiving a postcard from Grandfather Atka, Siku decides it’s time to plan a trip to Alaska. Siku says he’ll swim to Alaska like the seals, but Mom says it would be a long, cold trip. After many attempts, Siku has an idea he thinks will actually work, but will Mom be on board?

Penelope Pepper Has the Hiccups

Penelope Pepper has the hiccups, but… they’re contagious! She must stop them before they spread to the next town. She tries every cure she can think of, but nothing works. When she finally thinks up a new plan to stop them, something outrageous and unexpected happens.

Ghost Ranch

One night at Ghost Ranch, hundreds of dinosaur bones come to life and invite their fellow dinos to a country-western hoedown. Dressed in hats and kerchiefs, they load their wagons and ride a thousand miles to the dance. Finally arriving to the party, they do-si-do late into the night until a duel threatens to end the fun. 

Solomon’s Raisin Farm

It’s 1977, the year after the rain ruined all the raisin crops in California and nobody has any extra money for things like new shoes and Christmas candy. This year, Solomon longs more than ever to get a pair of new shoes in time for the Raisin Harvest Festival. That is, if the rain doesn’t ruin the crops again.