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this is the book for you!

National Dandelion Day is April 5th! 

My Dandelion Wish Journal is a unique springtime 5-year guided journal for kids to write down their wishes, dreams, and goals, among other things. Turn your wishes into dreams with this full-color dandelion journal. Because dreams are meant to be chased. Includes fun extras – not just blank pages. 

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Christie Wright Wild

Author of children’s books.

It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do. I see a smile as happiness and a tear as sadness. Hugs comfort. Words heal. We’re all the same if you really think about it. Books connect us, so read!

I always wanted to be a writer. And a teacher and a figure ice skater and an astronaut and a dancer and a singer and a writer. Oh, I already said that. I never did learn how to ice skate or fly to the moon. And when I dance, I look kind of silly. So, it’s a good thing I know how to write.

a few FUN Facts...

i love nature

I'm a 4-leaf clover finding ninja.
I also love seashells & dandelions.

i'm a runner

I have completed 2 marathons
and 2 half marathons.


My favorite food is sushi.
My favorite colors are green & yellow.

My-Dandelion-WISH-Journal Cover

Now available

A full-color 5-year guided journal to record all your warm-weather wishes. Includes extra pages for celebrations, poetry, and wildflower hunting.

If you like wildflowers, poetry, and nature walks, then you’ll love this delightfully engaging guided journal that inspires you to follow your dreams.

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