Resources For Writers

Welcome to my resource page for writers. You’ll find my manuscript critique services, the writer blog (Write Wild), a community for Writers Who Run, and more! Click any of the images below to enter the contest, get your free downloads, or visit the sites. Other useful links are included, as well.

Novel Writing

The Only 5 Plot Points You Need to Write a Novel

If you’ve ever struggled with plotting a novel, this free bookmark and roadmap will help you understand the five main plot points to help you get started or validate what you’ve already done so far. Here are a few popular related articles on my blog:

Picture Book Writing

In order to write picture books for children, it’s important to know how to story board. This free picture book template will help you understand how many pages to include, and what should go on each page. Click the image to get your free download. The following pages are available on my blog.

The Writer Blog: Write Wild

Blog For Writers

I started the Write Wild blog in 2010. I write about novels, picture books, how to plot, and so much more.

Writers Who Run

Writers Who Run Facebook Group

If you’re a writer who also happens to enjoy running, then this free community is for you. Click the image to join the Facebook group. We also have a website for Writers Who Run.

Critique Services

Visit my services page here on this site to see what critiques I offer for novels and picture books. Lots of testimonials!

“The suggestions you made will make my story so much better.”

Jennifer Young, author of Poison Apple Pie