What Do Seahorses Look Like?

What do seahorses look like?

Seahorses actually look like a lot of different animals combined. I love animals, learning about animals, and writing about animals, though I do not own a single pet. The seahorse is one animal that absolutely fascinates me. The seahorse got its name because its head resembles that of a horse.

Did you know that the parts of a seahorse are similar to other animals as well? The tail is prehensile, meaning it can wrap around branches and twigs. So can a monkey’s tail! The father cares for the eggs, just like male emporer penguins incubate the eggs. And of course you can’t forget the pouch. Marsupials, such as kangaroos, opossums, and koalas, also have pouches.

  • tail = monkey
  • father = penguin
  • pouch = kangaroo

There are lots more! Can you think of another one?


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