Critique Services

If you’re looking for a writer who offers novel critiques or picture book critiques, I’m your gal because I offer both!

I offer professional critiques for novels, whether it be a one-to-two page synopsis, the first ten pages, or the first three chapters. I critique middle grade novels, young adult novels, and adult novels in all genres from contemporary realistic, humor, or romance to mystery, literary, or fantasy.

I also offer picture book critiques, both fiction and nonfiction, prose or in rhyme. I critique full picture book manuscripts, query letters, and also offer a second pass-through of the same picture book manuscript at a reduced rate.

1-2 page Novel Synopsis: $50
Novel 1st 10 Pages: $197
Novel 1st 3 Chapters: $497

Writing a novel is a huge endeavor. I applaud your persistence. Well done!

There are lots of thought camps in the literary world about when to get a critique. Should it be during the writing of the first draft? After the first three chapters have been written? Halfway through? After the entire novel has been completed?

The best time to get a critique for your novel is when you feel you need some feedback and outside perspective. If you want to get a little clarity about whether or not you’re on the right track, getting a professional novel critique will help!

If you’re just getting started and want your idea and overall plot validated, then I recommend writing a 1-2 page novel synopsis and getting it critiqued. A novel synopsis critique is also valuable once your entire novel has been finished, as this may be part of the package you’d need to submit to an editor or agent.

If you need help with something else or have a special request such as writing a book proposal, then contact me and we can work something out!

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Complete picture book manuscript: $65
     (fiction: 1,000 words or less)
     (non-fiction: 1,500 words or less)
Additional pass-through: $50
Cover or Query Letter Critique: $30

Writing a picture book ain’t no joke either. It’s a lot harder than it looks. Congratulations!

Many times, a picture book can take twice as long (or longer) to complete than a novel. Every word, every phrase, every paragraph has to be spot on. A professional picture book critique will help you see plot inconsistencies, out-of-place paragraphs, awkward phrases, character development issues, theme problems, areas of too much telling, and more!

Picture books should be critiqued after the entire manuscript has been written. A picture book critique can provide the most value if the manuscript has already been revised a few times.

Query letters can sometimes take longer to get right than the manuscript itself. A picture book query letter needs to be polished before you send your precious manuscript to an editor.

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​“I’ve worked on this opening a lot! So I’m pretty relieved you didn’t have a ton of comments. Hopefully that means I’m getting closer. But I’ve totally lost perspective, so getting feedback from fresh eyes was terrific! Thank you so much!”
— Laura Pauling, author of Prom Impossible

I TRULY appreciate your help with this. Thank you!”
— Lynne Marie, author of Hedgehog Goes to Kindergarten

“Thanks for your comments, Christie! It is so nice to have another set of eyes! I can definitely see some of the points you made. I will get to work starting some revisions.”
     –Juliette Wilk, children’s book writer

“I also find that a lot of my stories are very similar in structure and plot. I find your comments helpful! Thanks. And thanks for sending them so quickly!
     –Katie Griffith, children’s book writer

Great comments Christie, as always. Thanks! I’m going to spend some more time working on this next week.”
     –Julie Hedlund, author of My Love For You is the Sun

“Thanks for your suggestions. I agree with your suggestions about the pacing. I will keep playing around with it.”
     –Valerie Larson, children’s book writer

“You did a wonderful job with the critique.  I think all the changes you made will make my story so much better. I appreciate the in depth editing throughout the entire story, the advice you supplied me with and all the time you must have put into it. ” 
— Jennifer Young, author of Poison Apple Pie