Helicopter Seeds and Angel Wings

Every spring and fall, Maple trees drop their seeds as little “helicopter” wings. Need a quick visual reminder for what that is? Watch this 10-second video clip. In the spring, the red maple trees drop their seeds. In the late summer and fall, the sugar maple trees (my favorite) drop their seeds.

I found these amazing craft ideas on Pinterest and collected them as a collage for you. If you want to see what my art looks like, continue reading.

As a child, I loved watching helicopters dance from the sky and gracefully land in the lush grass beneath. I would collect them and launch them into the air to watch them twirl again and again like helicopter blades spinning around in the sky.

What’s another activity you can do with a helicopter seed from a maple tree besides toss it back into the air to watch it float back down with a gentle twirl? You can use them in artwork!

Collect a couple handfuls of helicopter seeds. That’s easy to do this time of year; just walk down your street and you’re likely to see them collecting along the sides of the road.

You can either glue them onto construction paper for any type of craft or you can trace them and turn them into angel wings! See?

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